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2000 Club Lottery

How it basically works...

  • When you become a member, you'll be allocated a permanent number;

  • Once a month, 5 numbers are drawn publicly, usually after mass;

  • If your number is drawn, you win a cash prize.

How it works in more detail...

  • Numbers cost £3 per month, with payment being made either by monthly standing order or annual cheque/cash.

  • The draw is made on the first Sunday of each month with two-thirds of the ticket number revenue being awarded as prize money and the remaining one-third being assigned to our parish's fundraising account.

  • Up to 200 numbers make up the lottery, with nearly 100 tickets already taken by members. 

  • Should we realise our target of 200 numbers sold, this will generate a monthly prize total of £400 and a fundraising amount of £200 going towards our parish.

  • A realised target of all 200 numbers would raise a massive £2,400 in one year for our parish.

  • Please consider purchasing a ticket (or two…) and helping us to raise funds for our parish.

  • Membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over, so please encourage your friends and extended family members to consider joining as well.  The more members we have, the greater the prize. There is no limit to the number of times you are allowed to win.

How to sign up...

Step 1.

Read the Terms & Conditions.


Step 2.

Complete the 2000 Club Application Form


The completed Application Form should be given to the organiser Margaret Isaacs after Mass or posted to:

2000 Club Organiser: Margaret Isaacs 

c/o Christ The King RC Church

104 Nottingham Road


DE55 7GL

Step 3. 

Arrange your payments.

Set up your Standing Order either by completing a Standing Order Mandate Form and forwarding it to your own bank, or setting up a standing order online using the payee details below:

Account Name: Christ The King Alfreton RCP

Number: 03155671

Sort Code: 309259

Bank Name: Lloyds Bank

Remember to use 'LOTTERY' as your payment reference so we know what the payment is for.

If you would prefer to pay by Cheque or Cash, the value of the Cheque or Cash should cover 12 months of payments for the applicable number(s). The Cheque or Cash should be placed in an envelope along with your completed Application Form. Please write 'Lottery' on the envelope and place it in the collection/offertory basket. If you would like to pay by card, the value of the payment should cover 12 months of payments for the applicable number(s).

Step 4. 

Stand by to receive your number(s) from Margaret once your application and payment have been accepted!

Good luck!

For further info or assistance, please get in touch with the Club organiser using the details or the form below.

The Organiser:

Margaret Isaacs

Christ The King RC Church

104 Nottingham Road


DE55 7GL

Thanks for submitting!

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