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Our Window Trilogy

at Christ The King Church, Alfreton

The center window, featuring a cross and a crown, takes its theme from the dedication of our church ‘Christ The King’ – Victory through the Cross, Christ crowned – the Alpha & the Omega- (in use since the 4th century) the beginning & the end.

The left-hand window portrays the suffering of Our Saviour – The Crown of Thorns along with the nails of Christ’s crucifixion. INRI – Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

The right-hand window depicts the risen Lord – The candle (Light of the World) & the olive branches (Peace be with you) – the Easter message. The Greek Chi Rho - The monogram of Christ (in use since the 4th century)


The three windows were designed by Sr Anthony FSM & made & installed by Paul & Maureen Fuller.

The two outer windows are dedicated to Jim & Kathleen O’Brien - two long-standing parishioners, who over many years did lots of valuable voluntary work for the parish.

The center window is dedicated to Sr Anthony & the Fuller family.

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