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Sanctuary Wall Paintings

at Christ The King Church, Alfreton

A description of the art, by the artist, Martin Wright.


 "The image of God the Father is based on a painting that Father Paul provided together with images from the Sistine Chapel. The seven infant angels represent all children, firstly from coming from all areas of the world, then by having the seven colours of the rainbow in their wings, and then by their heads being placed where the seven musical notes, A to G, would be if they were written on music paper. The constellations are, Pisces on the left, (the fish the traditional symbol of Christ), and Virgo on the right, to represent Mary. As the last chapter of Isaiah likens God to a mother, the hands were posed by Natasha who gave them just the right gesture of welcome as well as indicating the Crucifix below." 

A message of gratitude.


Parishioner Natasha praises Martin Wright’s glorious sanctuary wall paintings as another artist’s gift to the church -
adding to Sr Anthony’s and Paul & Maureen Fuller's stained glass window. "The paintings feed light and joy into our church and the serene peacefulness of the angels is quite lovely. The pictures have a unifying “gesture of care” theme. It is easy to feel we are all in the trusting arms of our loving and compassionate Maker. Thank you Martin. Your generosity and giftedness are much appreciated.”

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